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Charlie Price

MBAcC Dip.Ac (UK) Cert.Ac (China)

I have been passionate about acupuncture from the age of 12 when I had a course of treatments after breaking my arm. Despite not knowing anything about acupuncture, I experienced amazing results with increased mobility and pain-relief.

This fed my desire to learn more about how the body works initially training in massage before I went on to study Traditional Chinese acupuncture. In 2018 I completed my yoga teacher training. Yoga has its own complete integrative health care system because it encourages the mind and body to work together for overall wellness. I often recommend  breathing and relaxation techniques as well as physical postures as part of an acupuncture treatment if appropriate.

I qualified in 2000 from The South West College of Oriental Medicine, Bristol, after a 3 year degree level training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, specialising in acupuncture. In the same year I attended a 3 month course at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As part of the course I completed a clinical internship at Shanghai Sixth People’s training hospital where I was awarded an advanced certificate in acupuncture. In its country of origin, Chinese medicine and acupuncture is not seen as an alternative form of treatment. It is used in the state hospitals alongside modern medicine. The hospital that I worked in specialised in back pain, sciatica and strokes. After a few days I had my own patients in a multi-bed style clinic where I was treating up to 10 patients in a morning.

Tongue and Pulse

As part of my extensive training I have studied many areas of western medicine including anatomy and physiology, clinical diagnosis, advanced tongue and pulse diagnosis and trigger points.

NHS experience

I have also dedicated time to the integration of acupuncture within the NHS where I spent 4 years (2013-2017) treating patients at the Glastonbury Health Centre and Glastonbury Surgery as part of a musculo-skeletal clinic. This service received an award from Prince Charles’ Foundation for Integrated health.

I am a registered member of the British Acupuncture Council which has strict professional guidelines and is the main regulatory body for acupuncture in the UK.