Bespoke Treatment

Every treatment prescribed is tailor made to your requirements. Individuality is what Chinese Medicine is all about. The course of treatment you receive will be specific to your particular condition as opposed to adopting a “one size fits all” approach, helping you to take care and control of your own health. 


Acupuncture utilises very thin, single-use, sterile needles inserted into various points along the body’s nerve pathways.


Cupping is a technique that uses thick cups, placed on various parts of the body.


The application of heat to acupuncture points or areas of the body using a moxa stick or a moxa heat lamp.


Electroacupuncture is a form of acupuncture where a small electric current is passed between pairs of acupuncture needles.

Dietary Advice

By following some basic principles, a suitable diet can help in the treatment of various conditions. 


Simple lifestyle changes can have dramatic effects on both health and disease progression.

What to expect from treatment

Your First Consultation

During your first visit I will gain a thorough understanding of your main complaint and your general health and lifestyle. This involves asking questions about your current symptoms and your medical history, as well as such things as your sleeping pattern, your appetite and digestion, and your emotional wellbeing. 

I will also take your pulse on both wrists and may examine your tongue and feel for areas of muscular tension or pain.

Main Health Complaint​

When talking about your main complaint, I will ask you to describe in your own words what the symptoms feel like and how severe they are, how long you have been having the symptoms,  and how frequent they are. 

To make a diagnosis according to traditional Chinese medicine theory and to find the right treatment approach it’s beneficial to know specific details.

Treatment plan and treatment

Based on all the information you have given, I will make a diagnosis and put together your treatment plan, which may include lifestyle and dietary advice as well as acupuncture. I will use very fine single-use pre-sterilised needles to stimulate specific acupuncture points on your body.

Because nerve pathways range across the whole body, the points used are not necessarily close to where you experience pain or discomfort. For example, if you suffer from headaches needles might be inserted in your foot or hand.

Helps a wide range of conditions

The use of Chinese Medicine will usually involve a combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, exercise and dietary advice. However, some conditions are naturally best treated with just one or two of these approaches. For example, muscular pain is often treated with acupuncture, cupping and massage whilst other conditions have a more internal component that is best treated with dietary therapy. 

Below is the full list of accurate and unbiased general information for a variety of conditions, provided by the British Acupuncture Council. They provide summaries of research and how acupuncture may be beneficial to you.